2016 Annual Report

With Help from YOU…Entrepreneurs, families and children are changing their lives with bicycles

Here’s the change you’ve helped us to deliver this fiscal year:

The Impact:

Thank you

During the 2016 financial year, more than 8 500 bicycles were earned through Qhubeka programmes rub by implementation partners like World Visions, loveLife and Wildlands. More than 14 corporates contributed to changing lives with bicycles, with five of them funding atleast a full container of bicycles each, namely, Team Dimension Data, De-loitte, Dimension Data, Volkswagen and MTN foundation. We’ve also had support from City Johannesburg, Western Cape Goverment, the Ministry of Education in Eritrea and United Nation Development Programme, Eritrea, amongst others. In addition, we processed over 5 500 individual donations.

Bottom line: None of this would have been possible without your support!

Source of Funds

  • BicyclesChangeLives Campaign – (48%)
  • Corporate donations – (25%)
  • Bicycles & merchandise sales – (15%)
  • Individual & events – (12%)

What we do

Our bicycles open up the world with wheels by providing greater access to education and economic opportunity. When entrepreneurs, families and children earn a bicycle. their lives change for the better. The changes ripple outward towards those in their community. While we’re able to report outcomes (see reverse), what is more difficult to measure is the value of time saved commuting by bike and the overall benefit to communities of improved mobility.

How we get it done

14 employees coordinate the efforts of fundraising and distributing 10 000 bicycles a year. We operate with a lean budget and a can-do-attitude. Thanks to the generosity of our incredible donors we raised R27 519 268 (roughly $1 965 662 USD), with more individual contribution than ever before. More and more of you are helping us change lives with bicycles! Thank you!